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When You Face a Crisis, Do You Act On Faith or Fear?

Sometimes we face a battle that we just can’t win. It can strengthen or weaken our faith.

Maybe it’s a health scare, a financial deficit, or a relationship strain. You’ve seen all the doctors, applied to all the jobs, and made every effort to repair what was lost.

Maybe it’s a different problem. Maybe you’re upset over a bad grade, or ended up in an accident because someone cut you off in traffic. Whatever it is, what you’re going through feels insurmountable.

Your mind is reeling. You’ve prayed. “God, change this situation,” you ask. Maybe you’re like me, and have consulted Google as well.

You’ve done what you can, you’ve asked for prayer, and yet… are you calm? Are you sure you’ve put your trust in Him? Do you believe that He’s got your back?

What I’m asking is—do you have faith?

Personally, I find that sometimes I’ll say I trust God, and I do, but my anxiety urges me to move. And this isn’t a totally bad thing, since anxiety is built within us to urge us to action. But if we act solely on fear, all we will be filled with is fear.

If we act solely on faith, all we will be filled with is faith.

Regardless, we must act. Of course, we can’t just be passive and do nothing. God does not condone laziness. But it’s what we do and why we do it that’s important.

For example, if you need a job, you should be applying to jobs. But, fear-based action is applying to jobs in a frenzy with an attitude of “Please hire me, anyone!” and an air of desperation. It’s scrolling frantically through job posts and compromising your standards and needs.

Faith-based action, on the other hand, is diving deep into prayer before applying, during job applications, and after the application process. It’s the quiet certainty that God will provide, somewhere, somehow. It’s setting time aside during the day to apply, but then also knowing when to put your devices (phone, computer) to the side and being able to let go.

Once you submit your application, frankly, it’s not in your hands anymore. Once you make your phone call, send that email, approach that person, it’s not in your hands anymore.

And it doesn’t matter what you do, it will never be in your hands.

Does that scare you? It shouldn’t. God’s hands are much better equipped. I promise.

As I said a few months ago—He’s the driver, anyway.

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