About: The Blogger Sarah Joy

Hello, you beautiful person you. Welcome to Joyful For Jesus. My name is Sarah Joy. I’m a twenty-something grad who has big dreams, and a big love for Jesus to match. But I don’t think I’ll ever have things fully figured out.

I’m a linguist, editor, and Young Adults Director. This means that I love words and the relationships with others I can make through them. While I’m still figuring out my spiritual gifts, I know that I’m an introvert who likes to write. And so blogging seemed to be the next logical step.

This site is where I write about things that catch my interest as I embark into adulthood as a Christian. Sometimes these things can seem small and irrelevant, like grabbing a cup of tea, letting someone take your seat on the subway, or even starting a new hobby. But I know that Jesus can be seen in every small interaction.

In a world where big headlines are news, sometimes we look for the miracles, but look over the steps in-between. We forget that the big miracles can’t happen without the practice of faith. And practice requires constant, sometimes grudging, day-to-day work.

So grab a tea, join me, and stay a while. Let’s work together and let iron sharpen iron. We can’t do it alone.

Feel free to contact me any time at my contact page.