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Canada Day: We’re Responsible To Each Other

For those of us in Canada, today marks the 153rd year of Canada being a country. That’s right—it’s Canada Day, and I’m wearing the red and white to prove it.

I love my country.

While I’m very proud of my Canadian heritage and citizenship, I’m also aware that Canada does have things it needs to work on.

In a non-fiction reading bend, I decided to read Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. In doing so, I’m reminded that God created us for relationship. Relationship with God, with our family, with our friends, with a spouse, and with our communities. But also, I’m reminded today, on Canada Day, that we also have a relationship with our country.

I’ve been reminded that we must be responsible for ourselves. We are not responsible for what others can do for themselves; we were never built to take on that responsibility. However, we are expected to take on our responsibilities to (not for) other people, as family members, friends, lovers, and general members of society. We are to treat each other with godly love.

I’ve also been reminded that two people can’t truly unite until they have made sure that they are two distinct persons. Uniting doesn’t necessarily mean enmeshment (where you can’t tell where one person ends and the other begins), it means two separate parties coming together in harmony. Each individual note can still be heard in a chord. When we don’t stand as separate notes, the chord sounds muddied, and when we don’t make sure we’re in tune with our note, the chord sounds out of key.

We are Canada. Canada is us. Canada is the uniting of over 37 million people singing one song, and we all have a part to play.

In our relationship with God (and even with others), God is God and you are you. You are allowed to have your own opinion on what God is doing in your life. That is healthy. You do not always have to agree with God, and God does not have to agree with you.

In the book of Job, Job is downright angry with God. But note that he doesn’t revoke his love from God. He just simply doesn’t understand or like what going on around him, and that God isn’t changing his circumstances when he wants. God does move, but on His own time, not Job’s. Even more important: Job never makes God out to be the bad guy; He knows that God is good.

Likewise, in our relationship with our country and society, we feel angry about things. And we’re allowed to change things—ultimately by taking responsibility for ourselves accepting our responsibility to other people. Just expect that for over 37 million people, this will take time. And until then, we may sound a bit out of key.

We are here in this beautiful country for many reasons though, right? There’s no secret why so many immigrate to Canada. Canada is good.

So let’s celebrate that today, virtually and safely from our homes, by draping ourselves in our maple-leaf flag, eating ketchup chips, and loving each other.

Happy Canada Day!

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